The Sold As Is Where Is house? The one that took me back to some half recalled pleasant memory from someone else’s childhood? Let us being to unveil it.

This is the Pet Room (or so it was designated on some report that we saw somewhere).

The Pet Room
The Pet Room

We really like what the pet did with the place. What type of pet might have chosen this – of all the rooms in the house? Some clues as to its genus might be found in a look about.  The gaping holes in the ceiling indicate a need for constant moisture, wood panelling as camouflage, the muckling up of the fallen insulation and twigs indicate perhaps a mother to be. Our best guess is a garter snake.  Please god let her and her many and lovely children be gone from the pet room.


2 thoughts on “Delicious

    1. Alex. The mother garter snake is suing us for the return of the Black and Decker Workmate (TM). But we are taking the As Is Where Is quite literally and coaching our lawyer as such. It will be a landmark case. Snake vs. Wide Eyed Innocents. We shall see who wins this one.

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