I Feel Something Creepy

This is a space with a toilet. In the basement. You trending ones out there might notice the beadboard and covered over transom window painted that milky cerulean. Me? I notice the dark shadow over the top half of the image and how the space with a toilet seems to pick up that theme and run with it. I also notice that the toilet tank lid is sitting across the toilet seat.  The space with a toilet has existed here since 1940. It’s creepy. It gets creepier when you are supplied with more information. There is another room behind this space. The other room was probably somebody’s bedroom.  My God, I beseech. That other room has a bare bulb, a small window tucked up under the ceiling and a packed earth floor. It is stained an unspeakable colour and right next door, of course, is this space with a toilet. If this were the first thing I saw every morning I might be slightly to moderately scared – all of the time. Even if I went upstairs to luncheon with my family, there would be at the back of my mind the knowledge that I will have to return to this at the end of the day. At night.  This space with a toilet and the creepy room will have to be radically altered.

The first step will be a smudging.

The second step? Your guess is as good as mine.


8 thoughts on “I Feel Something Creepy

  1. so exciting! can’t wait for the next installment! way better than watching daytime tv! thank you so much for starting this blog. does it have a porch? I can imagine visiting you there and you will be in a rocker on your porch. I love you too. keep writing you amazing woman!

  2. Two things. One, the toilet colour scheme seems a little east coastish to me. Was it your roots tugging at your heart that spurred the purchase? Two, I’m curious about that egg. What’s the story on it? Three, (yes, I know I said two) how far away is this from your home?

    1. Dear Mister; Yes. It was the colour of the basement that basically opened our wallets. Anything that reminds me of Newfoundland is basically going to mean a laying down of cash. The egg is simply beautiful. It was there when we first saw the house and my goal is to have it be in the same place at the end of the renovation. You know, renovate the whole place and have the egg untouched sort of thing – I suppose feeding my desire for a pulling the tablecloth out from under the dishes magic. This place is a 5 hour commute from our home in Vancouver. I admire your curious nature and will endeavour to answer any and all questions. Seriously. That blue is a shocking heart wrencher of a colour and I am romantically insisting, in what will be a complete and scary overhaul of the basement, that the blue (and the egg) remain.

      1. Well Duckie, I’m thinking you should do a little research on the egg. Looks like it could have a lot of history to it. Maybe not but one never knows. Five hour commute? This is going to be a slow reno. 🙂

      2. You Ontarians. A five hour commute out here in the hinterland of the continent is not such a big deal. To get anywhere you kind of have to go. Far. It’s a pretty typical journey for vacationing families in a province whose inconvenient mountains and oceans and the reality of another country one hour away to the south means limited choices. I often dream about Ontario when I think about this. Check out the latest post – what we lack in proximity we make up for in intensity of labour. Love you!!

  3. I’ve always preferred WC’s (tiny room, toilet only) to the ‘spacious bathroom with toilet’ plan. I think that in Japan (my reflexive cultural-comparison yardstick) folks are horrified at having the toilet next to the bathtub, in much the same way you’d feel about having it next to the kitchen sink. But.

    That’s a toilet that reminds me more of the scary toilets of my childhood, in the provincial campgrounds – spiders the size of your hand, an echoing darkness far below. Yeah, cool! Put up a Haunted Toilet sign, sell tickets for entry (printed on toilet paper)!

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