A Window From Another World

This picture resides in my iPhoto folder called The New House. It is the first picture that comes up when The New House folder springs into openness. After all my shit talk about the place, people see this image and then look at me sideways, wondering if I’m a horrific liar, deluded, or someone that they don’t know anymore (like they used to).  I am thrilled to imagine that people think that we bought a house with windows like this.  In Vancouver, if you own these sorts of windows (with french door poking in), it indicates two things:

1. There is honeyed oak flooring throughout.

2. You bought the house before 1999 or you bought after 1999 because you and/or your Dad are investment bankers with holdings on the Cayman Islands.

But wait! There is good news!

These windows might be the windows of multi-millionaires but it looks like they are going to be ours!  A friend of ours is a carpenter who is currently involved in a project that will see the demolition of this old house. This window and more like it are up for grabs!  The french doors too!  And the front door! And we get to take them all!  I can barely believe it!  The man goes in with a chainsaw and in ten minutes we have five windows that are astonishingly beautiful – all because we know the right people!  He will do this on Mother’s Day while I eat bonbons.

Can you imagine the Pet Room now?  You don’t have to. See below:


6 thoughts on “A Window From Another World

  1. Very nice window. Are all the rest the same style? I’m impressed at how fast you managed to install this first window….I’m not sure why you had to use the legs of the workmate to hold it up though…… 🙂

    1. The awesome windows are all exactly the same. They were taken out of the house on Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day Boxing Day. The pace of my life is such that I have not laid an eye on them and here it is nearing the end of May. The installation of the gorgeous window was no problem as I am a Photoshop guru (as evidenced by post).

  2. Actually, that’s hilarious. Now I want to see honeyed oak flooring lovingly photoshopped into The Toilet That Is Haunted By That Girl From “The Ring”.

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