Sweet Equity

This is our four-year-old daughter hauling heavy bags of detritus out of the house and into a trailer.  As I’ve explained to her time and time again, everything we do is for her, so if she wants to be guilt-free in her twenties it’s probably time to step up to the plate. She heartily agreed when a cookie or two was thrown into the mix.  

We had to resort to child labour when the great bank commercial/cottage magazine ad of the sky failed to open up and rain down on us six to eight strong backed, nice teethed young friends who love pizza and beer and laughter, laughter, laughter.  Instead it was the three of us – the man, me and the four-year-old.  I had hauled bags for hours, the man was remediating and the child was bored. So naturally, I put her to work.  This lasted for about five minutes before she whipped off the gloves and engaged in a sit-down.  What followed was a very productive hour of the man remediating and me trying to coax her into working some more while I continued to move garbage bags o’ crap from house to trailer: 

As you can see in the above image, my persuasive tactics are being stonewalled by a lazy little thing. Her very spine speaks of a lounging future.

Stripping a dusty old house down to its joists, coupled with the fact that one of us needs to actually look after our fairly useless four-year-old, means that we are in for a long haul.

We are lining up some friends with nice teeth as I write this.


4 thoughts on “Sweet Equity

  1. I have a new Dental plan in the offing with my new job. Of course, I will need to get though the probation and be willing to use a portion of my ‘hard earned’ or ‘generously gifted’ three weeks of vacation allowance to travel across the country to model the virtues and power of a spinal alignments. Possibly inspiring the loungers of the group. Possible not. But I will have nice teeth.

    Yes, I am willing. Hard labour is the best king of vacation. Can a swimming hole a part of the package? Also banking of that this is a long work in progress.

  2. Love the blog and your continuing life of adventure. The God complex is something we’re born with and it takes years to hammer it down into a cooperative spirit. She’s trying tell you we came came from a place where we fed our senses and didn’t have to work. How we ended up here is life’s lesson. Looking forward to more. Rock them hills!

    1. Mr. Hart. I need to break her of the God complex thing fast if she is going to be of any use in this renovation. And, to be frank, I am counting on her for electrical and more basic heavy lifting. I think it is beautiful what you have written and I think you might be going all Buddhist on me, which is always a good choice (except for that detachment thing which I can’t wrap my head around). One day, when you visit our fair Enbridge-free province, we will sit on them hills and look at the shiny house and remember that we’ve always been lucky.

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